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Can I use an iPad, iPhone or Android Device with QuicDoc and Office Therapy?

Yes. Remote Access software allows you to connect to your PC from any internet-connected device or computer.

You want to be sure, however, that the Remote Access software you use not only supports the connected device you plan to use (e.g. iPad, iPhone, Android, another PC), but also meets HIPAA security guidelines for remote use and access to electronic protected health information. Among other safeguards, there must be a strong user/password authentication when you connect and the encryption of data being transmitted. For a more detailed guide click here.

While there may be other products, free and paid, we are listing two that specifically state they meet HIPAA requirements and are compatible for connections from iPad, iPhones, and Android devices.

GoToMyPC - Works with PC and iPad (iPhone and Android coming soon)

LogMeIn - works with PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android

Most remote desktop programs require you to install one piece of software on your personal computer (desktop at home or office) and another piece of software on your mobile device (iPad, iPhone, and Android).

** This list mentions third party products and services for informational purposes only. We do not endorse these. DocuTrac will not be liable in connection with the products and services provided by any of these vendors.